COVID-19: Grant funding overview for wider Wellington Region

This content is correct as of 27 May 2020 

Available Grants| Council funds | Trusts currently not accepting applications | Update from NZCT


Class 4 operations are anticipating being able to start up again under Alert Level 2, albeit with reduced capacity given the need for physical distancing. If this is the case, funding should become available again from July but at reduced levels given reduced capacity.



If you have received investment from a gaming association for an event that could not take place, you need to return that investment.

If you have received a grant for salaries and are now receiving the Government subsidy for wages, this is ‘double-dipping’ as you cannot receive funds for the same purpose. If you are unsure about possible ‘double-dipping’ or your obligations, contact the funder that you received the grant from.


Available grants

While the Class Four Gaming Trusts have closed during lockdown, there are still funders who are open for applications, particularly for COVID-19 response initiatives that support communities and in some cases, targeted population groups.

In alphabetical order:

ANZ Good Sports Grants (for netball and cricket)

As long-time supporters of Netball New Zealand and New Zealand Cricket, ANZ is giving $1 million of ANZ Good Sports Grants to help support netball and cricket clubs and teams.

If you are a netball or cricket club or team who is struggling to get back on your feet - you can apply. For example, you might need new kit to deliver your sport, help with team subs, ground repairs or financial assistance with other expenses involved. Applications are open between18 May 2020 and 17 May 2021.

Find out more

Eastern Suburbs Sports Trust

The objective of the Trust is to promote, assist, support and encourage participation and expertise in all forms or amateur sport, both competitive and recreational. To help foster and encourage the development of primarily Junior Sports located in Wellington’s Eastern Suburbs. 

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis with the Trust meeting on the first Wednesday of every month.

Visit the website


Eastern & Central Community Trust

Eastern & Central Community Trust provides grants and support to community organisations in the Gisborne Tairāwhiti, Hawke’s Bay, Tararua, Wairarapa, Manawatu & Horowhenua regions.

Grant applications for all our funds are welcome, as per the closing dates (available on our website However, please note that our Trust only operates in Wairarapa and not the wider Wellington region.

If you would like to apply for a grant pertaining to COVID-19 please apply via our Grassroots fund.

You can contact us between 8am and 5pm by phoning free on 0800 878 720 or email

 For general information please visit our website or follow us on Facebook

Our mission to build stronger, more sustainable communities has never been more important and we look forward to assisting you.



Hutt Mana Trust

For schools, community groups and individuals in the Hutt Valley, Porirua City and Wellington North.

Opens 1 August and closes on the last Friday of the month.

Visit the website


Mental Health Foundation - Whai Ora, Whiti Ora Fund

With funding from the Ministry of Health, the Whai Ora, Whiti Ora Fund is designed to "help you help them" through for the next three months. 

Pūtea/grants of up to $20,000 from a total pool of $200,000, for charitable organisations or community groups that are connecting, supporting and informing tāngata whaiora (people who live with mental distress, illness or addictions) during COVID-19. Show how you’re using digital or phone-based technologies to help and how this grant can help your mahi!

Applications close 5pm, Thursday 28 May 2020

More information


Nikau Foundation

Will be advising their 2020 grant dates soon.


Thankyou Charitable Trust

Thankyou Charitable Trust gives postcode based microgrants. It could be planting fruit trees on your grass berm. Hosting a community dinner. Creating public art. Building an adult playground in the local park, or a new jump in the skate park.

They have four grant rounds in 2020. Grants are between $100 to $3000 for projects that contribute to community wellbeing, resilience or sustainability. They also have a trustee giving circle round of $20,000 to individual charity/community organisations. Like their Facebook page to find out when a grant round is in your neighbourhood.


T G Macarthy Trust

Annual contestable funding round 1 May-30 June. Applications from sports organisations will only be considered if they can clearly demonstrate advancement of education or promotion of health, for a significant section of the public.



Trust House

The funding must go towards an event or initiative that enhances one or more of their communities: Wairarapa, Flaxmere, Pahiatua, Rimutaka or Porirua. They are keeping their application rounds open and may consider things of an urgent nature, but all non-urgent applications will be told to reapply at a later date. Closing dates for funding rounds are listed as:

  • 13 July 2020
  • 7 September 2020
  • 2 November 2020

Visit the website


WBS Sponsorship (Wairarapa)

The Wairarapa Building Society Charitable Trust (WBSCT) is an organisation formed for the purpose of distributing grant funding back to the Wairarapa Community. The WBSCT meets quarterly to review grant applications and assess them according to the criteria set out in the policy linked below. 

Read the document

Lottery Grants

Lottery grant requests must align with one of the Board’s criteria:

  • enhance capability and increase capacity among applicants and the community
  • reduce community organisation funding gaps
  • have regards to the needs and aspirations of Māori
  • consider the needs of older people, Pacific people and other ethnic communities, women and youth, people with disabilities.

Grant requests should show how they will contribute to at least one of these key objectives:

  • support volunteers
  • enable people to help themselves
  • promote community wellbeing and address disadvantage
  • promote community participation, inclusion and identity.

Applicants should also show how they:

  • will focus on achieving their outcomes
  • will work together with others to achieve common community outcomes
  • are responsive to the communities they serve.

Find out more about Lottery Grants



Council funds available

(These are still being researched and an overview of all council funds will hopefully be made available soon)

WCC Social and Recreation Fund

Wellington City Council has funding available to support sport and recreation organisations with initiatives that encourage participants back into sport and physical activity once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Funding is available from July 2020 and priority will be given to projects that:

  • enable clubs to provide affordable and accessible opportunities for participation in play, active recreation, and sport following a period of lockdown from COVID-19;
  • increase Māori and Pasifika participation in sport and recreation activities; and
  • enable communities to enjoy active and healthy lifestyles including young people, women and girls, people with disabilities and those who face barriers to participation.

The Council has extended the closing date to Friday 29 May 2020. Decisions will be made at the Wellington City Council Grants Subcommittee meeting on 23 June 2020. For more information about this fund please visit our webpage or get in touch.

Visit the website

Financial Hardship

Wellington City Council has received a number of requests from sports and recreation groups experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. They understand the pressure groups are under particularly with Class 4 Gaming Trusts closed during lockdown and the loss of this funding source. They will consider requests on a case by case basis once they understand what further government support may be available for community sport, when sport can resume and the impact of any ongoing government restrictions on the coming season. If your group is experiencing financial hardship, please get in touch with either Glenn McGovern or Lauren Joyce


Lower Hutt Community Resilience Fund

17 April 2020
This newly created $100,000 fund aims to provide financial support to organisations, groups and initiatives in Lower Hutt for delivery of services that support local resilience during the Covid-19 Alert Level 4 period and following recovery period. An example of what can be funded includes "Supporting community efforts to maintain links with and support each other in new ways in light of social distancing and other possible requirements."

Porirua City Council Community Support Grants  

Find out more


Wairarapa Councils' community grants and funding

NB: The councils have indicated that they’re looking for proposals that support the recovery of the impact of COVID-19.


Trusts that are currently not accepting applications

(in Wellington region)

Please note that the Trusts are still operating and accountability reports are still due.



Update from Mike Knell, NZCT/Gaming Machine Association of NZ

23 April 2020


The key issues for Class 4 societies and licencing trusts

 Caveat - you should always seek independent professional advice and always act in good faith.

  • There are some aspects of Legislation (2003 Gambling Act) & Regulations (Nett Proceeds Regulations 2004) which are simply not-fit-for-purpose in some key areas, especially so in navigating through a crisis such as COVID-19 – six key areas have been identified by GMANZ that we are currently seeking relief on.


  • 11,000 organisations rely on funding from C4 to the tune of some $350 m annually
  • Amateur Sport alone around $175m
  • 28000 applications approved for funding each year not only sport, hospices air rescue, ambulances arts and festival culture sectors. And many many more worthy community organisations.
  • NZCT alone last year paid out some $22.5m on salaries in supporting key roles in sport -circa 1800 people.
  • The sector has been prohibited from holding any capital as reserves since 2004 the importance of this and the impact of this on cash burn rates (survival) is significant!

NZCT’s position

  • 23 March – no revenues in Class 4 due to Level 3 and Level 4 responses (Pubs closed)
  • 25 March NZCT NPC made the tough but only decision really to cancel all applications. We know and feel for those who are impacted.
  • From 25 March all NZCT staff working from home
  • Reviewed and regularly do so our solvency position – we are clearly solvent and should remain so in the near future.
  • Reviewed all cost lines and deferred where we can expenditure to preserve our cash burn rate. Noting the deferrals are themselves a contingent liability and stay on the balance sheet as such.
  • Access Govt Wage subsidy for 12 weeks.
  • We need to review all applications that were paid out that have been impacted by COVID-19 and seek refunds where clearly those events and purposes can no longer be met.
  • The 2015 amendment act especially important– the Approved Purpose can only be expensed on the specific purpose for which it was awarded. Nothing else – this obligation has not changed because of COVID-19.

Coming out the other side

Realistically I can’t imagine much if any, windows will be open for grant considerations before July maybe even longer.

Pubs/clubs at level 2, or possibly level 1, will hopefully be able to support our fundraising efforts again, but:

  • Social distancing will be key
  • As will be personal hygiene
  • PPE and contact tracing – registers anywhere there is a cluster or social gathering of people.

Societies will need to build funding pools (must be positive cash before considering again).

Infrastructure needs preserving. We look to councils to be absolutely aware of the community impacts and make informed factual decision making.

Look to C4 websites and keep up contact where possible – best by e-mail or by phone if urgent.RELATIONSHIPS are key.

Seek advice where need to, always act in good faith. Write down the processes and keep to the facts and what is material especially substance over legal form.

C4 will need your advocacy and support more than ever if we are going to have this great funding model in the future.

In closing, I acknowledge the Sports Minister, Sport NZ (especially Pete and Dave Adams) RST’s and everyone for their support, patience and understanding in these unprecedented and challenging times.

Remember to take special attention to mental health for yourself and everyone else. Thank you for your support, together as a team we will get through this.

Kia kaha

Mike Knell