Green Prescription helps Jacob build his physical activity confidence

3 March 2020

Delivering community health services on behalf of the three District Health Boards is hugely rewarding. Sport Wellington has the privilege of watching our tamariki grow in confidence and build on strength by providing permission to play, a safe environment and opportunities to try new activities with their whānau and community.

Jacob was referred to Pre-school Active Families by a Child Development Physiotherapist at Hutt Hospital. Jacob, a resilient kid, had overcome a lot in his short life to date. However, he lacked confidence to try new things and his whānau were interested in supporting his co-ordination skills to further his development and ensure he had a lifelong involvement enjoying physical activity. We worked with Jacob and his whānau for 12 months, where they participated in weekly activity sessions as well as one-to-one home visits for personal goal setting. Here’s what Jacob’s mum had to say about their time with us:  


“It has been an absolute pleasure watching our son develop and go from strength to strength. Before he started Pre-school Active Families, he had very little confidence and physically struggled with balance and co-ordination.

Today, we see such a huge difference. His morale and confidence are so high, and he has become physically stronger through the activities you provided for children try such as swimming, ball skills and much more. Now he has a passion for swimming and is confident kicking a rugby ball through good eye and co-ordination skills he has learnt through the programme and from practicing these skills in his own time at home.

For us, his parents, we can say that we are also filled with confidence seeing what he is now capable of doing and what he’s keen to attempt to try now. This has been very rewarding for us to watch. We have taken on a lot of learnings ourselves through each session, arming us with useful information, new ideas and approaches in an interactive way.

We truly believe that these programmes are instrumental in terms of positive development both physically and mentally for all children needing help. The positive reinforcement, the full whānau involvement, interactive skill-based programme, hauora approach and a caring rapport that you naturally provide has made this programme a successful one.

Thank you for allowing our whānau to be a part of this wonderful opportunity. Mauri ora!”


If you, or a whānau you know, would benefit from Pre-school Active Families you can find out more information on how to get involved here.  

Jacob 1