Skilful Conversations with Brendan Spillane

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Conversations are an integral fabric of society. They’re where we communicate to one another and how we connect to the people around us. But conversations can be complex and tricky to navigate.

On Monday, March 11, the Performance Hub will be hosting a morning breakfast with Brendan Spillane, of Spillane Consulting, on how to have “skilful conversations”. Brendan is a master storyteller and inspirational speaker, who travels the world sharing his knowledge about the nuances of conversation. He is an acclaimed Australian educator, speaker and coach, who works as an Executive Coach with a range of senior leaders from business, education and elite sports.

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Brendan bases his teachings on the idea that when we speak with clarity and openness, we can invite connection and engagement, challenge unhelpful assumptions and behaviours, and so build the social fabric of our teams and organisations.

His talk will help attendees to lead to a better response in any context they may find themselves in by looking at their own behaviours and how these can have an impact on their audience.

An engaging speaker and presenter, Brendan uses a powerful blend of humour and stories. Through his talks it is clear he has a passion for capacity building in individuals and teams, developing leaders to take personal responsibility for their work, and talking about the key behaviours that underpin the high-performance mindset.

For an example of Brendan's work, feel free to check out this snippet taken from his presentation at the International Conference Of Thinking in 2019.

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