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Secondary School

Secondary School Boys Football 2020 

4th July - Round 1
                                Teams   Venue Time
DIVISION A            
Rathkeale Senior A   vs Rathkeale Development   Rathkeale Upper Common 2 9am
Waicol 2nd XI   vs Waicol Gold   Wairarapa Guildford 9am
Makoura   vs Kuranui 1st XI   Makoura 9am
DIVISION B            
Rathkeale Senior Black   vs Rathkeale Senior White   Rathkeale Upper Common 1 9am
Kuranui 2nd XI   vs Waicol 3rd XI   Kuranui 1 9am
Waicol Speedies   vs Chanel   Wairarapa Guildford 10:30am
DIVISION C            
Rathkeale Junior White   vs Rathkeale Junior Red   Rathkeale Oval 9am
Waicol Red   vs Waicol Blue   Wairarapa Computer 9am
Kuranui 3rd XI   vs Waicol Yellow   Kuranui 2 9am

 Secondary School Girls Football 2020

Date                                     Teams Venue Time 
22/07/2020 Lakeview vs Solway Blue Lakeview 3:45pm
  SMS Primary vs Chanel St Matthews 3:45pm
  Solway Silver vs Kuranui 2nd XI Solway 3:45pm
  Waicol 3rd XI vs BYE    
23/07/2020 Solway 1st XI vs Waicol 2nd XI Solway 3:45pm
  MIS vs SMS 2nd XI MIS 3:45pm

Secondary School Basketball 2020

Seniors - Week 1 22/07/2020 @ Chanel College Gym
Time                                         Teams Bench/Referee (1 on each per school)
3.30-4.20 Waicol Senior A Boys vs Waicol Senior B Boys Chanel Senior Boys Kuranui Senior A Boys
4.20-5.15 Chanel Senior Boys vs Kuranui Senior A Boys Waicol Senior A Boys Waicol Senior B Boys
5.15-6.00 Chanel Senior Girls vs Kuranui Senior Girls  Makoura Senior Boys Kuranui Senior B Boys
6.00-6.50 Makoura Senior Boys vs Kuranui Senior B Boys Chanel Senior Girls Kuranui Senior Girls
6.50-7.40 Makoura Senior Girls vs Waicol Senior A Girls Tararua Senior Boys Rathkeale Senior Boys
7.40-8.30 Tararua Senior Boys vs Rathkeale Senior Boys Makoura Senior Girls Waicol Senior A Girls 


Juniors - Week 1 24/07/2020 @ YMCA
Time  Teams  Bench/Referee (1 on each per school)
3.30-4.20 Wharekura Boys vs Waicol Green Waicol Yellow Makoura Junior Boys
4.20-5.15 Waicol Yellow vs Makoura Junior Boys  Wharekura Boys Waicol Green
5.15-6.00 Chanel Junior Girls vs Wharekura Girls Makoura Junior Girls Waicol Junior Girls
6.00-6.50 Makoura Junior Girls vs Waicol Junior Girls Chanel Junior Girls Wharekura Girls
6.50-7.40 Waicol Blue vs Kuranui Junior Boys A Waicol Red Rathkeale Junior Boys
7.40-8.30 Waicol Red vs Rathkeale Junior Boys Waicol Blue Kuranui Junior Boys A
  Chanel Junior Boys  vs BYE    

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