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Sport Wellington is the lead agency for Community  Strength and Balance classes across the greater Wellington region. Our role is to create and grow access to strength and balance classes for older people in their communities.

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The importance of strong muscles

People who have good lower leg and ‘core’ strength – that’s the thighs, mid-section and back – also have good balance. One of the best and easiest ways to avoid falling over is to build your core strength and improve your balance.

Falling over is not a ‘normal’ part of the ageing process. Many falls are preventable, and the Live Stronger aim is to help you stay on your feet and live the life you want.

Classes who meet evidence-based criteria will be eligible to use the quality mark. Look for the ‘tick’ when choosing a class to know that it meets national agreed standards.

Approved Programmes available in wider Wellington region:

  • Capital and Coast
  • Hutt Valley
  • Wairarapa

Go to and select your district to find a class near you.

Check out our Facebook page to find out more about the classes.

Look for the ‘tick’ when you are choosing a community exercise class.

As more programmes are identified and approved in the community, they will be added to the website. If there is not one in your community yet, please keep checking in, or get in touch we may be able to help get one started.

What can you do?

If you’re an exercise provider and would like to run community group strength and balance classes, get in touch, Sport Wellington would love to hear from you.

Anyone interested can take a role to facilitate a volunteer or peer-led exercise class. Training and support will be provided by Sport Wellington. What a great way to stay active and give back to your community!

Join a class near you – class details can all be found on the website or call Kristen and Jessica from Sport Wellington
Phone: (04) 380 2070 ext. 265


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