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Perception Checks

Do you ever think about how you approach a situation, why you see what you see, and what the potential impact of this could be? In terms of child development, what is your role as an early childhood educator? Are the opportunities you provide children allowing them to reach their potential? Are the movement opportunities you are providing children purposeful or out of habit?

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Movement Skill Intervention

Here is some research done in Australia where they tracked children over a three year period after they had been involved in a 10 month movement skill intervention at an early childhood level.

The results show how important it is to be teaching fundamental movement skills in early childhood settings.

Monkey Bars

What is it about the Monkey Bars?

While this research was completed in New Zealand back in 2007 it is still very relevant to today’s children illustrating how important it is to get the children outside using playground equipment.

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Does your Child W-Sit?

We have tracked down a really good article that explains why some children may sit in this position, the long term affects and things that can be done to get children out of this habit.

children fundamental movement skills

Under 5's and Sport?

We often get asked about what sorts of activities children under the age of five should be doing and whether they should be playing sport. Here at Sport Wellington we believe children under the age of five should not be playing sport specific games.

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Have a Ball Together

Physical activity is essential to healthy child development, and the early years are the best time to give kids an active start. But where do you begin?

This website will give you the tools you need to be able to promote and encourage physical activity for children 0-6.

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Designed to Move

There are a lot of great thought provoking videos out there at the moment. One of which is an American video asking children 'what would you do if you had five extra years to live?' 'What if we hit the tipping point in life expectancy? What if 10 year olds are going to live 5 years less than their parents?'

Unfortunately this is not the future. This is now! The children of this generation are going to live 5 years less than their parents, in some cases due to health factors but mostly due to inactivity.

This is a great video to share with your students and get them to reflect on the messages and why this is happening


Lets See How the Adults like It!

A group of adults get to experience what it is like to be one of the kids playing on a full size pitch, by using a supersized goal and field of play at St. George's Park.

designed to move

Physical Literacy

Here are two great videos explaining Physical Literacy:

Sport Wales:

Watch the video

Canadian Sport for Life:

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Sport New Zealand's Physical Literacy Approach

Sport New Zealand’s vision is to enrich lives and inspire a nation through physical activity and sport.

They aim to be the world’s most successful sporting nation, through the development and support of a world leading community sport system. To be world-leading in community sport we will be participant-focused, system-led and performance-driven.

To bring this participant-focused philosophy to life they are taking a physical literacy approach.

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Physical Literacy - Sport Wales

Sport Wales is quite a way down the path to developing a nation of physically literate people.

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Physical Literacy - A simplified explanation

The Sport NZ physical literacy approach takes a holistic view of the participant that considers their physical, social and emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs.

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Participate in the Active Families category at Round the Bays!

Children under the age of 12, accompanied by an adult, can ride their scooters on the 6.5km course of the Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays event on Sunday 17th Feb! With a fun Finishers Festival at Kilbirnie Park, participating in the event will be a great family day out.

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