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Getting Ready for School - DVD

An overview of the important stages of physical development that a child needs to have passed through in order to cope with educational tasks required in the classroom.

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"M" is for Monkey Bars: Getting Ready for Writing

Hanging on monkey bars, climbing trees, and tug-of-war are all valuable activities that prepare children for necessary skills such as writing at school.

Monkey Bars

What is it about the Monkey Bars?

Research Article

While this research was completed in New Zealand back in 2007 it is still very relevant to today’s children illustrating how important it is to get the children outside using playground equipment.


Lets See How the Adults like It!

A group of adults get to experience what it is like to be one of the kids playing on a full size pitch, by using a supersized goal and field of play at St. George's Park.

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More Play, Less Classroom

For years we’ve been hearing that many schools have cut back — or eliminated — breaks for young children because school work is seen as more important than giving kids a chance to move during the school day. But now some schools are bucking the trend by sending kids outside four separate times a day for unstructured play.

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Should I let my child take risks?

We came across this great article written by a self-confessed over-protective mother. She came across some research on active outdoor play that says children need “risky play”.

It adds that children who do so improve their reaction time in detecting risk, increase their self-esteem and are less likely to take risks related to sex and drugs as adolescents.

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The importance of Risky Play for Children's Development

“Risky play is a form of play that is thrilling and involves an element of potential physical injury. It most often occurs outdoors, during free play, where children challenge themselves by overcoming fear and trying something new, or by tiptoeing the line between being in or out of control. Risky play is not being reckless or careless."